Character Creation: Getting Started

This walk-through provides detailed instruction on how to prepare a character sheet for play.

Choose a Race and character concept.

The very first thing that must be done is you must decide upon what kind of character you want to play. First, print out character sheets, making sure to have a Page 1 sheet and a Page 2 sheet. Select a character race and get approval from your game master. Form in your mind a basic idea of what you want your character to be able to do and what you want him/her to look like. Choose a gender and character race, taking note of any special traits on a piece of scratch paper, and then move on to the next step.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be creating a female dwarven soldier with some minor magical abilities. A dwarf will have the following characteristics:

-2 Agility, +2 Constitution, +2 Fortitude, and -2 Spirit. They suffer a -2 penalty to all Magical disciplines, -10 AV penalty to all spell casting attempts (except Faith discipline), and have 135 skill points when starting. All dwarves also have the following traits: Low-light vision, Sense of Direction, Magic Resistance, and Strong Willed

Assign Attribute Scores

The next step is to determine what attributes the character will have. Each character has 10 attributes which are each rolled for randomly. For each attribute, roll 3d6+3 and drop the lowest roll. This will always provide a number between 5 and 15.

  • Example: Dice results are 5, 6, and 1. Ignore the 1. Final result is (5 + 6 + 3 = 14)
  • Example: Dice results are 3, 4, and 4. Ignore the 3. Final result is (4 + 4 + 3 = 11)
  • Example: Dice results are 6, 6, and 6. Ignore one 6. Final result is (6 + 6 + 3 = 15)

When done rolling up the 10 attribute scores, then assign them to your character. Remember to adjust for any racial modifiers. Our dwarf that is being created managed to get the following rolls: 11, 9, 14, 6, 10, 10, 11, 11, 14, and a 12. Not bad... she's got one weak trait but is otherwise definitely above average. Since she's a soldier, Strength and Agility will be very important. We will also want a good attribute in Spirit since that will help her magical abilities. After we assign the attributes, we'll make the adjustments to Agility, Constitution, Fortitude, and Spirit.

Tutorial: Attribute Example At this time, ignore the AV and Adjustment fields. Those are handled later.
  • STR: 11
  • SIZE: 9
  • AGILITY: 12 (14 with a -2 racial adjustment)
  • CONSTITUTION: 12 (10 with a +2 racial adjustment)
  • FORTITUDE: 12 (10 with a +2 racial adjustment)
  • SPIRIT: 12 (14 with a -2 racial adjustment)

After we assign the attributes and racial modifiers, we calculate Action Values (AV) for each attribute. Simply multiply the attribute rank by 5.

Finally, we calculate adjustments. These will be the bonuses or penalties the character has when using skills that rely on these attributes.

Attribute Penalties
Rank Penalty
1 -45
2 -36
3 -28
4 -21
5 -15
6 -10
7 -6
8 -3
9 -1
10 none

Attribute Adustments

Most skills in the Chronicles system are affected by a character's attributes. For example, a character with a high Agility attribute will be better at her Martial Arts skill than a clumsier character.

For every rank above a 10 that a character has in an attribute, it will adjust skills that depend on that attribute by +2 AV, which will be added to the character's AV value when skill tests are rolled. Thus, a character with a 14 Agility rank will have a +8 AV to all skills modified by agility.

For low attributes, use the Attribute penalty chart to determine the penalties applied to dependent skills.

Calculate HP, STAM, and other important stuff.

Calculations Tutorial

The next step requires you calculate your hitpoints, stamina, and a few other characteristics. Not all fields in this section of the character sheet will be filled out.

  • Max HPs: Add SIZE x2 + CON + FORT + WILL and subtract 10.
  • Lift/Haul: Look up the character's strength on the Strength, Weight and Height chart
  • Height and Weight: Match the character's SIZE score up to average weight and height on the Strength, Weight, and Height chart. Since our Dwarf is a little shorter than a human, we'll intentionally make her much shorter than the chart indicates.
  • Movement: A character's movement rates can vary based on the SIZE and STR, and height of the character. Refer to this link for detailed instructions on calculating movement.
  • Karma: A character's starting Karma score is equal to his/her spirit.
  • Age: Choose an age that you feel is appropriate to your character concept.
  • XP: Leave the experience fields blank.

Fill out Health and Damage Section

Health and Damage Tutorial This step uses many of the values determined in the previous section. First, calculate stun/pain threshold using this equation:
(SIZ + FORT - 20) / 2 Round up and multiply result by 5 ignore negative results.

Mental Stability is not used in all games, but typically starts out at 50. Bludgeon Points are equal to one half of the character's Max HP, rounded down. Wound Points are equal to one half the character's Max HP, rounded up. Stamina Recovery rate is equal to CON divided by 3, rounded up.

Healing rates are determined by referring to the healing rates chart, which can be found here.

Select Character Traits

Below the Health and Damage Section on the sheet is the Traits and Heroic Characteristics section. The heroic characteristics section is not used during character creation, so we'll focus on the traits portion on left instead. Write all of your racial traits into this section. At character creation, each player character receives 2 Merit points to spend. Additional merits must be offset by taking flaws. A complete list of Merits and Flaws is available for review.

For the purposes of our new dwarf character, she will need to take the Thaumaturge trait in order to cast spells. We're also going to give her the Combat Experience trait, but we have to offset that trait with a flaw, so we chose Cautious.

Once this step is complete, we can move to the next tutorial chapter and create out character's skills!