Skill Detail

Disarm/Create Trap

Cost: 2x
Modifiers: Reasoning
Restrictions: Success means that the target either believes the story and does not act unfavorably towards the story because it isn't that important to them. Failure means the target senses something is wrong or that they catch on to the story.

Disarming and creating traps is representative of limited knowledge of various machinery, clockwork, and magical forms. It also refers to a character's ability to perform sabotage effectively. Creating, disarming, and sabotaging can take a significant amount of time, depending upon the situation and desired effects.

30 TAVSabotage simple machinery, jam a door or lock, sabotage a wagon axle.
50 TAVSafely trip a simple trap, subtlety sabotage simple machinery or an axle.
70 TAVSafely trip a complex trap, create a simple non-lethal trap, subtlety sabotage complex machinery.
90 TAVSafely trip an very complex trap, create a complex trap, subtlety sabotage very complex machinery.
110 TAVSafely trip an elaborate trap, create a very complex trap, subtlety sabotage elaborate machinery.
130 TAVSafely trip an very elaborate trap, create a elaborate trap, subtlety sabotage very elaborate machinery.
150+ TAVSafely trip a wickedly elaborate trap, create a very elaborate trap.