Skill Detail

Fast Draw

Cost: 3x
Modifiers: Reflexes. Armor penalties apply to the use of this skill.

The character has learned the art of pulling a weapon in a pinch. This skill is used primarily by gunfighters and assassins.Fast draw has several effects on the character in combat.

  • The character receives a +1 bonus to initiative per level of Fast Draw on the first round of combat if the character is not surprised and his enemies do not have their weapons drawn.
  • If the character is caught by surprise without a weapon drawn or a combat stance set, the character can make a Fast Draw(Opponent's Reflexes + 50) test. Normally, surprised characters automatically go last in a round without rolling initiative. Success indicates that the character was able to react fast enough that he gets to roll initiative as normal.
  • Normally, drawing a weapon counts as a major action. If a successful fast draw skill test is made (diff 100), the character can draw a single handed weapon as a free action. Drawing a two-handed weapon in this fashion requires a Fast Draw(120) test. Drawing two single handed weapons as a free action requires a Fast Draw(140) test.
  • In a duel with ranged weapons, opposed Fast Draw checks determine who shoots first instead of standard initiative.