Skill Detail

Sleight of Hand

Cost: 2x
Modifiers: Agility. Armor penalties apply.

Sleight of hand is the ability to make quick, subtle, undetected hand and body movements. Often these skills are used for purpose of entertaining, such as performing card tricks and shell games. The other common use of this skill is theft. Cutting purses, picking pockets, and filching things without being seen.

50 TAVPalm a coin sized object.
70 TAVFilch a knife, perform a variety card tricks, rig shell games.
90 TAVRemove an item off of a person, such as cutting purse strings or removing a small weapon from a belt.
130 TAVRemove a concealed item from a person, such as a purse hidden under clothing.

Regardless of whether or not the character succeeds at getting the object, the target will get to roll a Spot, Street Savvy, Investigations, or Determine Motivation check (whichever skill is the highest or appropriate at the time). If the results are higher than the trickster's results, the attempt is noticed. This does mean that it is possible to succeed in pick-pocketing something yet also be caught in the process.