Skill Detail


Cost: 2x
Modifiers: Perception

Tracking allows a character to follow quarry through the wilderness by searching for signs of passage. Difficulty is based upon several factors. A new check is required any time that the trail leads to a new area with conditions that would make the trail hard to follow. Tracking is normally a slow process, allowing, at best, half the character's normal movement rate while tracking.

70 TAVThe ground is soft and leaves easy tracks. Snow, mud that isn't too runny and mushy.
90 TAVNormal dirt and sand with plenty of foliage that will compress or show signs of passage. Swamp, but not not overly wet.
110 TAVHard ground, rocky terrain. Normal dirt and sand with little foliage that will compress or show signs of passage. Swamp, water and mud distorts tracks.
150 TAVSlab rock, such as expansive granite extrusions with no dirt, mud, or foliage. Quarry frequently traveled through water to throw off pursuers.
+10 TAVPoor lighting.
+5 TAV.Each hour of rain or snowfall since the track has been made.
± Base DRLarger and smaller creatures are easier and harder to track respectively. The difficulty increases or decreases according to the creature's natural defense rating modifier.
+1/2 Stealth The quarry attempted to cover its tracks. The penalty is equal to half of the creatures's stealth skill AV. Covering tracks reduces movement by 1/2 to 1/3. For creatures without a Stealth skill, use 1/3 the value of their Perception attribute.
+5 TAV.Every day that the tracks have sat cold. For example, tracks that are one week old will incur a +35 TAV penalty to tracking attempts.
-20 TAVTracker can occasionally see quarry.
-5 TAVEvery four individuals being tracked in a single group. Tracking nine people would grant a -2 difficulty to the skill test.
-10 TAVTracks are very fresh (less than 1/2 hour)