Skill Detail


Cost: 2x
Modifiers: Reasoning

By feinting during combat, the character distracts his opponent and misleads him. A feint is an opposed Fient vs the defender's Determine Motive or highest melee skill AV, without adjustments. If the feint was successful, the attacker gains a +10 bonus to hit the target until the end of his actions, in addition to causing the target to lose any DR bonuses due to a high agility, shields, bracers, greaves, or the nimbleness HC against the first attack performed after the feint. A successful attack immediately after a successful feint can not be blocked, parried, or dodged and allows the attacker to enter the defender's defensive perimeter without challenge.

This skill can only be used against sentient beings. Creatures of animal intelligence or lower are immune. Intelligent opponents eventually learn to watch out for feint attempts. Attempting multiple Feint attempts against the same target during a single combat grant the target a cumulative +10 bonus to resistance checks for each successive check. Someone who observes the attacker's combat style before combat gains a +5 bonus to the resisting checks per feint that he observed. Anyone who is fighting defensively gains a +20 AV bonus