Skill Detail

Computer Programming

Cost: 2x
Modifiers: Reasoning
Pre-requisites Computer Use skill at rank 8 or higher.
Description:The computer programming skill represents the ability to write code in a variety of programming languages and scripting languages. This skill can also be used to debug or analyze existing applications if source code can be obtained. The complexity and purpose of a program determines the difficulty of any skill tests. Each two ranks of this skill indicates familiarity with one class of computer language. Examples languages are Markup Languages (HTML and XML), C-like languages (C, C++, Java, PHP), Assembly Code, Basic style languages, COBAL, Fortran, Database interface language (such as SQL). This list is by no means definitive. Even if a character doesn't have experience with a specific language, once a character has at least 8 ranks of this skill, it is possible to scan code in just about any language and identify rudimentary logic and function.