Skill Detail


Cost: 1x
Modifiers: Agility. Armor and size (large or small) can also affect this skill

This is a character's ability to climb sheer surfaces. A successful climb check indicates that the character can move approximately 2 to 3 times her height up the surface. A failed check indicates that the character makes no progress but does not fall. Failing a roll by 30 or more points indicates that the character has fallen. Armor mobility penalties apply to the use of this skill. It is impossible to climb a perfectly smooth surface without handholds or a rope anchored at the top.

10 TAVSteep slope, knotted rope and wall, woven rope or chain meshing.
30 TAVRope and wall, knotted rope, (ship riggings).
50 TAVWall with numerous handholds, a decent climbing tree.
70 TAVWall with adequate handholds and some footing.
90 TAVRough wall, few handholds. Adequate handholds with a reversed incline.
110 TAVFew handholds, those that are there are small or crumbling.
130 TAVOverhangs.
150 TAVAlmost imperceptible hand holds. Bordering in impossible.
+20 AVUsing climbing gear.
-20 AVSlippery surface.