Spell Disciplines

Click on a discipline below for a listing of the spells that are accessable within that discipline.


All Magic: These are spells commonly accessable to all magic disciplines.
Abjuration: Abjuration magic focuses on protection, defense, and wards.
Arcane: Arcane magic focuses on energy effects, force, animation, dimensionalism, and some summoning.
Conjuring: Conjuring focuses on creation and summoning of objects and creatures. It also works in dimensionalism.
Divination: Divination focuses on knowledge, awareness, scrying, and detection magic.
Enchantment: Enchantment focus on mind affecting magic, curses, enhancements, and some protection magic.
Holy: This is magic power granted by a higher power or which comes from spiritual sources. This is the opposite of Profane magic.
Illusion: Illusion is magic that focuses on deception and trickery.
Nature: Nature magic focuses on plants, animals, and the environment.
Necromancy: Necromancy is a profane discipline of magic that focuses on the afterlife.
Profane: Profane magic stems from evil and dark origins.
Shadowmancy: Shadowmancy focuses on the energies of darkness and shadow.
Transmutation: Transmutation focuses on change and transformation of objects and energies.


All Elemental: These are spells common to all elemental disciplines.
Air: Air elementalism focuses on wind, air, gasses, and some weather effects.
Earth: These spells focus on the power and strength of stone and earth, allowing the caster to manipulate many types of solid matter.
Fire: Fire elementalism controls heat and flame.
Thunder: Thunder elementalists control powerful electrical forces, sonic forces, and the weather.
Water: Water elementalism enables the caster to control water and some weather effects.


Manipulation: Manipulation enables the character to directly exert his will upon the physical world around him. Manipulators are most known for their ability to defy the natural laws of physics.
Shou Spirit Way: This discipline is an extension of the Shou Spirit Way martial art. The mastery of this martial art grants disciples of this discipline the ability to focus their energies similar to those whom possess the manipulation discipline. Anyone with knowledge of the martial art can use this variant of the manipulation discipline.


Demonic: This is a profane discipline that is common amongst demons, devils, and some multi-planar creatures. Not all creatures with this discipline will have access to all spells or abilities.
Folk Magic: Traditional magic performed by primitives, shamans, witch doctors, crazy old ladies, and whatnot.


All Psychic: These are abilities that are common to all psychic disciplines.
Channelling: This psychic discipline focuses on controling biological processes such as cellular growth, adrenaline, healing, etc.
Domination: Domination grants the psychic the ability to control the minds and actions of others.
Electrokinesis: Electrokinesis is the ability to control and direct electrical currents.
Photokinesis: Photokinesis is an uncommon discipline that allows the psychic to control photons and the luminescence of objects.
Pyrokinesis: Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability to control fire and temperatures. Cryokinesis also falls under this discipline.
Sensitivity: Sensitivity is the traditional "sixth sense."
Telekinesis: Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and exert physical force through mental concentration.
Telepathy: Telepathy is the ability to read minds and even speak directly into the minds of others.


All Shuri: These are spells common to all practitioners of the Shuri disciplines.
Avian: Avian Shuri magic is focused upon the bird totem, with an emphasis on air, knowledge, and arcane magic.
Feline: The Feline Shuri use the cat totem as their focus with an emphasis upon fire and enchantment magic.
Lupine: Lupine Shuri have the totem of the wolf and the dog. Their magic focuses upon the earth, shadow, and cooperation.
Reptilian: Reptilian Shuri keep the totem of the snake. Their magic focuses upon water, illusion, and deception.