Chronicles System Rules

Core Rules: Player's Handbook

Chapter 1:Character Creation
Chapter 2:Traits: Merits and Flaws
Chapter 3:Skills
Chapter 3.1:Skills: Combat Masteries
Chapter 4:Basic Rules: Definitions
Chapter 5:Arms and Equipment
Chapter 5.1:Melee Weapons
Chapter 5.2:Ranged Weapons
Chapter 5.3:Armor
Chapter 6:Basic Rules: The Chronicles System
Chapter 7:Combat Rules: Basics
Chapter 7.1:Combat Rules: Defense
Chapter 7.2:Combat: Offense
Chapter 7.3:Combat: Unarmed
Chapter 7.4:Combat Rules: Advanced
Chapter 7.5:Combat Rules: Firearms
Chapter 8:Health and Damage
Chapter 9:Experience
Chapter 9.1:Downtime Character Growth
Chapter 10:Heroic Characteristics
Chapter 11:Magic and Psionic Abilites
Chapter 11.1:Magic and Psionics: Spells

Appendix A:Mental Stability
Appendix B:Advanced Skill: Alchemy
Appendix C:Undead Templates
Appendix C:Elemental Templates and Altered States
Appendix F:Crafting Items
Appendix M1:Crafting Magic Items
Appendix M2:Metals and Magic
Appendix M3:Familiars
Appendix O:Miscellaneous Info and Optional Rules

Other Resources